Why Isn’t All Laundry Detergent In Flat Strips?

Tru EarthUpon discovering Tru Earth laundry detergent I now am left more concerned and anxious about regular detergent than ever before.

Tru Earth will want you to know how it’s eco friendly and less packaging and going to help save the earth.

For me, I had one thought.  I don’t have to lug a box from the big box superstore.

These things are light and do the same job.

Yes, you can talk about how there’s less packaging, but all I’m obsessed by is the fact that my back isn’t going to go out lugging a box of detergent up the stairs.

This might seem trivial to some, but there are tons of moms out there who have bottles of detergent sitting and waiting for somebody to help them get carried up the stairs.

On top of this, I’ve even tried doing this weird system of pouring detergent in an empty coke bottle for travel. This eliminates the need completely for that. I can stick a month’s worth of detergent right in my pocket book.

Yes, Tru -Earth will save the earth and save the planet and make packaging obsolete. They have an amazing mission but most importantly, they will save my back and that’s what makes me happy.