Light up the room with Enevu Cube

A little box that can light up the whole room shines brighter than you’d ever expect. The multi-use Enevu Cube is powerful enough to light up an entire room, but is small enough to fit in your pocket.

The Enevu Cube has multiple color settings that allows you to use it for whatever you want, making it the most perfect gift. The cube has three levels of brightness making it perfect for outdoor projects or around the home.

But white colors aren’t the only thing it has! The Cube has a setting that shows every color of the rainbow and when you find the color you want, you can set it in your favorite red, blue or purple! It hosts a tiny hook allowing you to hang it as a decoration of lights, place it on your bike or carry it on a string as you walk your dog.

Great for hikers, campers, photographers or someone in need of a little brightness, the Enevu Cube is the most perfect holiday gift.

Find out more information here or check out their Instagram. The Cube is available online or at Amazon for as low as $29.99


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