Liposuction helpful?

Liposuction may be more health-beneficial than originally thought A new shows that the procedure may help the heart as well as slim down the waistline A report presented Friday at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in Denver showed that patientsメ triglyceride levels dropped over 40 percent within three months of getting the procedure Triglycerides are fats in the blood which have been linked to high risks of cardiovascular disease モIt made sense that if you reduced fat mass that might reduce circulating triglycerides,ヤ Dr Eric Swanson, the studyメs author, said モBut I didnメt think the effect on the bodyメs fat scores would be enough to make a significant difference in triglyceridesヤ The study looked at over 300 patients, 270 of whom were women Cardiologist Dr Nehal N Mehta said that the findings are interesting, but urges caution since the effects may not be long lasting Other researchers that liposuctionメs effect on triglyceride levels may not have the same big impact on obese patients モIメd like to see what happens at six months, and at a year,ヤ Mehta said, adding that the best solution for losing weight is still diet and exercise