Little girls and diet books Really?

Since the dawn of creation, every little girl has had self-esteem issues at some point or another, especially when it comes to their weight To top it off, those insecurities never even really disappear, not even in the most confident women in the world In the back of each womanメs mind is the nagging thought of モAm I good enough?ヤ Now letメs be real, there are several diet books out on the market, and they can be extremely helpful for a lot of women, <i>not</i> little girls But that is all about to change In October, a book entitled at Amazoncom, モMaggie is transformed from being extremely overweight and insecure to a normal sized girl who becomes the school soccer star Through time, exercise and hard work, Maggie becomes more and more confident and develops a positive self imageヤ モThe bookメs cover art depicts a heavyset girl holding up a pink dress as she looks in the mirror The image reflected back shows a thinner version of herselfヤ And hereメs the kicker: the book is being marketed to children as young as four It seems that this is going to be one of the most controversial childrenメs books of the year, since there is criticism every which way author Paul M Kramer turns All this controversy is new to Kramer, who writes the other books , Kramerメs book would have probably been overlooked Earlier this week, Kramer defended his book on ᅠ モMaggie does want to look better She does want to feel better and she does not want to be teased,ヤ he explainedᅠHe added that the book tackles モthe issues that kids face todayヤ Yes, the book may tackle the issues of today, but is it necessary to market to children as young as four? Blogger Ashley McAllister weighed in on the book: モThe message behind this book is clearly telling young girls that theyメll only be happy and ムnormalメ if theyメre thin, AS IF THEY ARENメT FED THAT MESSAGE OFTEN ENOUGH ALREADYヤ Dr Peter Neiman, who works with children at the Pediatric Weight Clinic in Calgary, says that the book does raise several red flags, but is not quick to completely dismiss the books モThe book is well intended, the execution is not good,ヤ said Neiman モIf you focus just on food you may spread eating disorders rather than lifestyle which is not focusing as much on the word dietヤ Kramer says that the book is being judged by its cover and people are not even willing to wait until fall to read whatメs actually inside it Not everyone is dead set against the book Blogger Jessica Wakeman defends Kramer by saying, “Not every person who cares about encouraging an obese child to eat more healthfully and to exercise more has terrible intentions Like everything else involving what parents expose their children to, whether this book helps or harms a child depends on how the parents use itヤ Personally, I donメt think that diet books should be marketed to four-year-olds I think itメs important that they understand what healthy eating habits are and how to implement in their everyday lives What are your thoughts?