Lockly Deadlock Review

The Lockly is a smartlock that has features such as Wifi, Fingerprint and even Smart Alexa/Google built in.  It has a ton of features, but every single person who looks at it talks about the features. That and you’ll find step to step guides about how to install it.  Frankly, I found 99% of those to be intimidating and frightening. That said,  as you’ll see in my review below, I got through it and I’m not handy at all.

It’s not terrifying or frightening but actually they do everything in their power to make sure you can’t fail. If you don’t like the instructions, they have a 3d app, if you don’t like that, you have YouTube Videos. If that fails, you even have a help support.

Check out the YouTube review below and tell me what you think?


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