Long Island’s Best Sunsets


long island beach
long island beach

Everybody loves sunsets, and Long Island sunsets are so beautiful, showing right over the water. So it’s kind of hard to choose the best sunsets as they’re all beautiful. That said, even though Long Island is a suburban jungle at times, it also has some amazing places to view sunsets.

You wouldn’t think it but you can get a really great view over the water as Long Island, well, is surrounded by water. I mean, after all, it’s an island! But, if you’re on Long Island and looking for a sunset, we’ve got you covered.

Below, in no particular order, are our favorite places to view the sunset.


The east end, the end of the world. It’s just so great being out there for just the isolation.

Northport Harbor

A cute historic village on the north shore that has gorgeous views looking over the water.

Port Washington

So close to New York City, but with nice restaurants nearby.

Sayville, NY

Who doesn’t love the sunset over the bay? If you’re lucky, head on out in a boat.

Smith Point Beach

I love that you can so easily drive out to the beach from here. Definitely worth a visit.

Lake Ronkonkoma

It’s not just out in the middle of the island, but I love that it’s so big it almost looks like you’re looking out over the ocean, but you’re not.


Seriously, Greenport village is probably fighting for one of the top villages on Long Island. Plus you can see the sunset over the Peconic.

Orient Harbor

Orient Harbor is way out east, but I love that when you look at the sunset, you’re basically looking over water as far as the eye can see.

Long Beach

Long Beach is basically New York’s closest awesome beach and the boardwalk just can’t be beat.  Some days I just love running to the boardwalk to catch the latest sunset.

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