Lusome Sleepwear

Sometimes as we age sleeping can be hard.  Hard to settle; and then once you do the sweating begins.  I know this isn’t a “pretty” topic but quite honestly a real one.  Lusome is a company committed to Xirotex which expertly offers odor and moisture control.  Basically, the fabric is cotton, polyester, micromodal and spandex combined in such a manner that moisture actually is driven away from the skin.  Even more amazing is that you can wash these products in cold water and machine dry them.

The line has wonderful items to choose from.  All sorts of different styles of pajamas.  I was sent the “Pauline”chemise short nightie which I want to mention is quite honestly the most comfortable thing on earth.  There is beautiful lace on the shoulders and the length is perfect.  Super soft and super feminine.  Night sweating makes us ladies feel gross and quite honestly not desirable so it is awesome there is finally a line of sleepwear that brings sexy back into the wardrobe.  These items are available in all size runs.   Men’s line also available on their website!

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