Mahatma Chipotle Jasmine Rice & Jasmine Rice

image of several packages of Mahatma Jasmine Rice and Mahatma Chipotle Jasmine Rice

Ready for that quick, flavorful meal? Mahatma Chipotle Jasmine Rice and Jasmine Rice (if you prefer less spicy) are ready in 90 seconds.  It was quick and easy to make and we loved the taste.

The jasmine rice is naturally flavored with no preservatives and gluten-free. It’s a healthy, easy-to-make meal in a short period of time. Add shrimp or vegetables to the rice or flavor it with lime or your favorite spices. Mahatma makes delicious-tasting jasmine rice that is a quality, authentic product with natural ingredients.

The rice is microwavable or you can cook it in a skillet if you prefer. Cooking instructions are easy and on the back of the package. Living a busy lifestyle I keep food in the house that my teens can cook and the rice was super easy to cook. It also tasted wonderful.

The Mahatma website also has 400 recipes to use if you need meal prep ideas. There are also informative videos to watch that show how to cook different dishes with rice.

Start exploring the unique taste, texture, and aroma of Mahatma® Rice. The company has been in business for over a hundred years! Also, check out all the other products offered on their website.