Masks for Children from Airbon

When your child is sick, but not sick enough to stay inside, you want to protect their friends. It is not because your child has a cold that they cannot have fun anymore! This is when the Airbon Nanofiber Filter Children Masks from Air Queen are the best answer!

image of Airbon Nanofiber Filter Children Masks

Your child will be able to have fun. These masks are very comfortable. Their ergonomic and lightweight design is just perfect for children from 4 to 12 years old. The elastic ear bands are soft and comfortable. The wide nose bridge does not pinch and sits snugly against the nose.

Airbon Nanofiber Filter Children Masks are specially engineered using advanced nanofibers for effective filtration (0.1 μm) and breathability. The high permeability prevents skin irritations, and the nanofiber filter makes sure your child can wear these masks all day long! Nanofibers filter fine dust using their densely tangled nano-structure. It filters through its micro-pores that are formed from its physical properties and are not static. It maintains high filtering efficiency (0.1 μm) for 24 hours even when it comes in contact with moisture, providing users with longer wear, protection, and breathability.

Prices go as low as $1.20 per mask! And right now, all mask orders offer free shipping! Give your children the gift to go out and have fun, even if they have a cold!