May 24th Is National Caterers Appreciation Day

image of a catering set up, example for National Caterers Appreciation Day


Today, May 24, is National Caterers Appreciation Day.  Yes, you might have heard of other national days, and no, this isn’t specific to restaurant owners, or waiters.  This holiday is specifically to honor caterers.   The folks at Food Service Direct partnered with National Today to create this holiday.

To be honest, we felt a bit incredulous about why we needed a National Caterers Appreciation Day. Therefore, we interviewed Food Service Direct about why we need such a day!

Q) Why did they create this holiday? / Is the holiday a bit “overboard”?

A) This holiday was created to celebrate the hardworking caterers within the hospitality industry. Food can make or break an event, however, there is more to catering than just the taste of the food. Preparation, timely delivery, and, sometimes, even providing services at the event are all part of the service. It’s for this reason that Food Service Direct established National Caterers Appreciation Day—to not only appreciate caterers but also to support chefs by making supply procurement easy.

Q) What’s the difference between this and regular restaurant workers?

A) Created by Food Service Direct, National Caterers Appreciation Day acknowledges the dedication of caterers to their craft and wants to help them take their businesses to the next level, by providing access to high-quality ingredients and supplies online.

Q) How should one celebrate this holiday?

A) Appreciate your local caterers. If you have ever hosted a catered event or worked on or with a catering team, express your appreciation to them today. Whether it is giving them positive feedback or recommending them to others, even a little appreciation goes a long way.