“Miracle baby” born after being carried outside womb

Azelan Cruz Perfecto may have been born eight weeks early due to ectopic pregancy, but doctors are amazed he survived 32 weeks inside of mother Nicky Soto’s abdomen Soto found out about her ectopic pregnancy when she was 18 weeks along, according to But the baby’s positioning was what really shocked doctors–he had attached to the outside of the uterus and was growing along the lining of the abdominal muscles Doctors found this out when they performed the Cesarean section Doctors had been worried about the baby’s placenta attaching to any vital organs or major blood vessels, which could have been fatal for Soto But she decided to keep the baby because she had been struggling for five years to get pregnant after the birth of her seven-year-old son “None of us have ever seen anything like this, and in checking the literature, we weren’t able to turn up any cases comparable,” Dr William Clewell of Banner Good Samaritan Hospital told The baby was born in the normal amount of time for a typical Cesarean section, despite doctors preparing for a long and complicated surgery Azelan and his mother had to stay in the hopsital for 10 weeks before being allowed to go home