Mom’s Newest Kitchen Gadget

We all need new handy gadgets and I’m always down for a new kitchen gadget. One that’s compact, dishwasher safe, easy to use, and multifunctioning makes me happy. This evening, Anna (my daughter) and I decided to bust out the new Versa Rack and put it to the test this evening. This handy gadget hit all of the checkmarks. Anna really did the work. She’s been the cook in the house lately and may enjoy gadgets more than I do.
We found it useful for cleaning fruit, using it as a platform for rinsing. Although the rack’s main function is to safely submerge frozen food for quick defrosting. It’s very rare that I defrost anything, but I will be sure to give it a try when I do.  Anna might get to that before I do. The rack fits across the top of the sink nicely.  It adjusts so that when we do need to hold something down under the water, it will be possible. I also realized that it will work nicely for straining.  We found this to be quite a useful tool and happy to have added it to our kitchen.