Other Moms Struggling to Get Through Coronavirus That Make Me Feel Better About Being A Mom in Coronavirus

Ok, we all fail at being a parenting so sometimes there is a bit of Schadenfreude in watching other peoples admitted suffering.  In this case, a few parents have publicly admitted their fails and I feel a bit better knowing that I’m not the only mom whose struggling through Coronavirus.    Honestly, it’s not easy being a parent under normal circumstances but Corona has brought us to a new level of fails.  Now they’re even cancelling the Easter Bunny? I mean they are saying the Easter Bunny is coming but it’s not exactly like Amazon is delivering any time soon.

But any way, I digress, here are my favorite parenting moments that I’ve found that make me feel better as a Mom. I know I’m not the only Mom who is going through this and can at least embrace the unity in other Moms struggling.

So read below, offer them your solace in their suffering and thank them for admitting their pain.  It makes other moms feel better than we all don’t have to be perfect.















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