Muck Tremont Supreme boots – The perfect winter accessory

With winter vastly approaching, we could all use boots that are good in the bad weather, but that also keep our feet nice and warm. The Muck Tremont Supreme Series tall rubber and knit women’s winter boots gave me both comfort and protection, all while looking super cute!

The boots aren’t your average rain boot. They have a fashionable design and are as comfortable as any other shoe – but instead they have a lot more protection and even molded to my feet after a few wears! Now I want to wear them all the time.

Available in two colors, brown and black, the boot is made of rubber, but doesn’t feel heavy while you walk around. They also feature an adorable and fashionable fleece-lined cover that keep your legs warm in frigid temperatures. For $160, they’re worth the price and they’ll definitely last you several winter seasons.

You can get them here.