Multiples Tableware – Review

We found a great product for back to  school that teaches math on the sly. Multiples Tableware is designed for children ages 2-10 and it is a great way to incorporate math skills into a daily routine.  The tableware is meant to be used as a way to discuss and build relationships with numbers during a social setting.  The plates have twelve adorable animals, one for each number 1-12.  They have great names like Professor One Hoot and Rooster Four-midable. The visual association helps with learning.  There is also an ebook to use with the tableware.

I have found that teaching my daughter multiples or skip counting has helped with learning multiplication facts.  The tableware available includes plates, bowls and tumblers.  The best part of the Multiples Tableware is that when you purchase a product online they will donate a product to a child in need.  I think Multiples Tableware makes great gifts!

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