Muse: the brain sensing meditation headband

If you’ve ever tried to meditate, but couldn’t because you had too much on your mind, then Muse might be a good investment for you. It’s a headband designed to read your brain waves to determine if your brain is active or calm. The brain waves detected are turned into sound waves that you can listen to through your headphones. While your mind is calm, you’ll hear calm weather sounds. When your mind starts to worry or become too active for meditation, the weather sounds with intensify signaling to you that you need to focus on calming your mind back down.

The Muse has the capability for you to set goals and review your data. This can help you discern when the best times for meditation are, and when or where your anxiety gets triggered. If you know someone who’s always really stressed out, you might want to suggest they check out the Muse. You can learn more about it at

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