Mustang LP Turntable

I swear there is no better sound than actual vinyl.  I totally get we are all streaming now but it’s so cool to kick it old school style and play “The Stones” via record every now and again.  I adored checking out the Mustang LP turntable this week from Ion Audio.  It’s design is so super cute made to look like the radio dials in a 65 Mustang.  But this is so much more modern as its turntable meets radio, meets USB meets Aux input.  You can play records and even record them onto a flash drive!  I mean how cool is that!  Ooh and also for the price (around $129) totally think a gift for the upcoming holidays.  This is just the best idea for any music enthusiast in your life!  So well made like so many of their products; this company really has mastered the art of great sound.

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