Netgear Arlo Home Security System

arloThe Netgear Arlo security system really takes simple to a different level. It used to be that security cameras had to be plugged in for electricity or ethernet. The secondary challenge is that setting up a home network basically makes me miserable. I can do it, but honestly there always seems to be an issue.
The NetGear Arlo is really great for set up. It’s really 100% wireless. It works off of batteries and can be screwed anywhere. I put one up using superglue and it stuck up there! Ok, they don’t advise that, but I’m a rebel and did it anyway. I wanted a camera facing my door so I literally stuck it on a fence pole away from my house.

The other thing that was ridiculously easy was set up. You plug in the base, you load the app and then poof. It’s all done. Life is that easy.
We get in tons of products, but honestly I can say I’ll be buying more add-on cameras for this thing because it was awesome and easy.



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