When I was younger I had eyelashes to die for.   I didn’t really even need makeup.  But now I went and had kids…I don’t sleep…I am old.  I am so excited to be able to treat myself with this blogging gig to some new and improved lashes.  Its my “New Year’s New Me” campaign and I have been applying neuLASH at night to my upper eyelashes.  It takes literally two seconds a night for me to achieve elasticity, softness, durability and strength.  Once you achieve some results you can even push the treatment back to every other day.  OK; so that is what I do at night.  For the daytime, I have incorporated “newENVY” mascara into my makeup routine.  This mascara is a peptide blend of strength, hydration and great color!  This mascara lasts all day long; so impressed and no smudging (which is first for me to be honest).  I am hydrating and working on volume during the day and increasing strength and more at night?  What a great combination you have to try for yourself.  The serum is around $150 for 6ml and the mascara around $30.00

You can be the ENVY of your friends!