New guidelines say mammograms should start at age 40

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has revised the guidelines when it comes to breast cancer screening Women should now get mammograms at 40 instead of 50, especially if they have family history of breast cancer In 2009, the US Preventative Services taskforce found that mammograms for women in their 40s decreased cancer deaths by 15 percent But ultimately the task force didn’t make a definitive recommendation for urging women to get screened regularly This was due to the fact that the radiation and invasive biopsies might do more harm than good “The task force said for women in their 40s and older, it’s an individual decision based on their values and the benefits and harms,” saidᅠDr George Sawaya,ᅠto theᅠ But the newer guidelines advise women in their 40s to get screened “Although women in their 40s have a lower overall incidence of breast cancer compared with older women, the window to detect tumors before they become symptomatic is shorter, on average,” said Dr Jennifer Griffin, an author of the guidelines, toᅠ