New study calls Twitter the mood ring of the world

Researchers at Cornell University have been studying tweets from people all over the world to determine mood patterns of users reports that the study analyzes tweets from users in 84 countries around the globe by using a computer program developed by the two lead researchers, Scott Golder and Michael Macy モThatメs why Twitter specifically was such an attractive venue to start to study behaviors and emotions over the course of time,ヤ said Golder, a graduate student in Cornellメs Department of Sociology and member of the research team According to , Golder and Macy studied 509 million tweets from more than 2 million people over a two-year period One of their initial findings was that users were more likely to be positive on the weekends instead of during the week and seemed to be in a better mood in the morning The duo used a language monitoring software to classify words into two categories: positive and negative, according to the Positive words include モagree, definitely, outgoing, pleasing, special, fantastic, super and virtueヤ Negative words, on the other hand, included モafraid, cynical, fear, fury, abandon, panic, remorse and vulnerableヤ When discussing the pattern of being happy in the morning and getting progressively more depressed as the day goes on, Macy had this to say, モThe pattern is very robust from day to day We even see the same pattern on the weekends where people are happier in the morning and itメs all downhill from there At the end of the day, itメs reboundヤ This is not the first time that researchers have used social media to study moods, reports , but this is the first time that the scale of the research was so large Macy said that the studyメs message is to show social mediaメs scientific potential モIt illustrates a new opportunity for doing social and behavioral science in ways that were really unimaginable even five years ago,ヤ said Macy