Nutri Ninja® Auto-iQ-Pro Compact System

91oPq-4mrTL._SL1500_Do you know what I love?  Having multiple machines on my counter. Oh yes, it is so much fun. No, I’m kidding.

The Nutri-Ninja Auto-IQ-Pro has a long name but is compact. It replaces my blender, smoothie maker, mixer and juicer.  Seriously it does. I know some things say they do but they don’t really. This thing has the built in computer and attachments and gadgets and really does it all.  You can even add on an attachment for the coffee and spice grinder.

My kitchen is small and this seriously makes my life a lot easier.

I also love that it’s obviously sold. Ninja doesn’t screw around and this is like a mini, but good looking tank.

Lastly, I’m still playing with the Auto-IQ Technology but honestly there are a ton of different options and suggested recipes.  I just threw in some fruit I wasn’t ready to eat and boom. It was done. Throw in a few peaches, apples a banana, some spinach and parsley and “BOOM, Dad made lunch… now drink your vegetables!”