Oleron Wet Salt Mill

I adore a new kitchen spice; it always sparks the “chef” in me and all of a sudden I am whipping up new recipes.  I recently tried out the Oleron Wet Salt Mill from Peugeot.  You would think the “wet salt” would clump or get stuck in the mill but truly there is the opposite effect.  The mill itself is attractive and looks great on your counter.  It is specifically designed with an anti-clogging spiral center.  I get smooth and easy grind of salt each time I use this thing.  The salt is from Guerande in Western France.  Why use wet salt?! Well…the flavor is richer and its not as harsh to the palate.  Win-Win if you ask me.  You have to incorporate this into your daily cooking scene.  For more info: http://www.peugeot-saveurs.com/en/product/oleron-moulin-a-sel-humide-chocolat-14-cm/.

wet salt mill


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