Omorpho G-Crop and G-Tight


At first glance, I was intrigued when I tried on the Omorpho G-Crop and G-Tights. What are all these dots on this workout clothing? It was definitely eye-catching. Was I going to morph into a superhero?

Actually, the dots are targeted MicroLoad, hundreds of individual, high-density polymer spheres, strategically distributed across the body to add resistance while you’re exercising. None of the weight is placed on the joints to allow for easy movement.

The Omorpho sportswear feels very comfortable, breathable, and smooth, and keeps you cool. It’s ergonomic, which is designed to feel comfortable and allow for easy movement.

Wearing the Omorpho Gravity Sportswear collection is great for all types of exercises including walking, running, yoga, biking, or pilates. I think it would be great when I participate in the 42-mile NYC Bike Tour.

I’ve worn the outfit with my walking group and received many compliments. It looks sporty as well as stylish.

The  Omorpho fitness app provides workouts you can do anywhere with their products. It’s also a great option to enhance your workouts.

The owner of the company, Stefan Olander, founded his products mindfully based on his own experience with bulky weighted workout gear. He didn’t like the clunky vests available. He knew he could create something better and more stylish. And so, he created a collection of sportswear with resistance built in.

Check out the gravity sportswear by Omorpho. You can mix and match or buy a set depending on what activity you’re interested in.