Osmo Genius Kit

Ok moms – school is starting soon and I’m sure you are doing the same thing I am – cramming those “summer workbooks” and getting everyone ready for a great start to the year.  Meet Osmo; a great gaming system that allows for “hands free” play using your iPad or iPhone.  Tablet goes in base, reflector over camera and Osmo can see what you are doing.  This system is so so cool!  There are coding games, mazes, drawings, words, art, numbers you name it!  There is even an adorable pizza building game where you see how you can make a profit!  There is something for everyone ages 5-12!  My two kids were kind of fascinated by it and we decided go beyond our “genius kit” ((retails for just under $80) which includes numbers, words, tangram, newton and masterpiece and grab some coding and racing games.  Right now for BTS they have super awesome discounts on their website!  CHECK THEM OUT!  Think “get the kids ready” and then you can add games for the holidays!  Games range from $23-80 while kits range from $80-152.


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