Our Writer Puts Lubricants To The Test!

In perfect time for Valentine’s Day our staff writer took some time to check out some personal lubricants that you should check out too!

Glissant Intimate Lubricant: these products bring personal lubricants into the Modern Day.  These products always worry me as I always think are they safe for my “sensitive areas”?? Glissant Lubricants are chemical free, no hormones and made by a doctor.  They are actually plant-based; they combine CBD and CBG which promises more pleasure and less pain.  The Sea Salt and Caramel Lubricant can be considered a “sweet treat” for your most private area.  No stickiness at all and is safe for use with condoms.  You can get the spray along with a refill for $79.00.  The CBD & CBG Intimate Sprays are infused with 100mg’s of CBD and CBG which combined with oils increases blood flow to your intimate areas.  Cinnamon brings the “heat” and peppermint “cools it down”.  Such an amazing combination ($79.00 for one spray plus a refill).  These products also have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties.  

FemmePharma: these are great products that assist with all that ails your lower region – dryness, itching and burning.  The Satisfem Mini ($19) is a great way to try out their clear gel lubricant.  It is easy to apply and safe for sensitive skin.  Satisfem Buds ($50) make it that much easier to apply and the applicator contains just enough for a single use.  This is a great “on the go” option for your busy life.  Satisfaite is your go to for vaginal itching/burning/irritation.  This is a prefilled applicator which basically provides prescription style relief without the need for a script.  ou can grab 10 applicators for $70.00.  You can save money by purchasing their convenient bundles so that you have all their fabulous products!

conditionHER:  how about a great moisturizer for your intimate area after you wax, shave or have laser/sugar treatments.  I know…sign me up.  This is a totally safe, natural product that contains cotton oil, chamomile extract, shea butter and olive oil.  It also maintains pH balance (most soaps disturb this balance).  All the good stuff for your most sensitive spots!  A 2.36 oz tube costs $29.99 and is 100% worth it in our opinion!

Check them out for yourself and be ready for V-Day!

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