Overcooked 2 – Video Game

Who else has a kid who only asks for video games?  For the last few years I have been struggling to put a “pile” of goodie under the tree for my son – it is basically a series of squarish shaped flat boxes – yes; the video game.  As a result I am always on the hunt for a new game!

Overcooked 2 – Oh my, the Onion Kingdom is once again under attack and the player needs to chop, cook and fry themselves through a series of trials to save the kingdom.  Go level by level and earn items like recipes equipment and ingredients.

At E3 2018, this game was voted Best Family and Social game.  I love that it has a multiplayer option so up to 4 members of the party can be there together.  The game is refreshingly rated “E” for everyone and is extremely sensibly priced at aroun $25.00.  In additon, it is availale in Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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