Read all about it! New High Protein Snacks!

The kids are loving my new snack ideas for camp.  Wait…when is camp? This may be the longest week ever.

Quite honestly this mommy is always on the hunt for something different and I kinda love that this is more than a normal snack yet not quite a meal.  We live our entire life in the car (I swear; it is very sad) and sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

So these P3 Protein Plates basically each contain a variety of nuts (honey roasted, chipotle peanuts, cashews), a form of jerky (teriyaki, maple glazed ham, original beef), and sunflower kernels.  They are packed in completely portable plastic containers perfect to throw in your purse, work tote, lunch bag, backpack or whatever you spend your day with.

Also I recommend trying Oscar Mayer’s All Natural Meat & Cheese Plates.  This is cold cuts meets cheese meets whole wheat crackers and a perfect lunch solution!  No artificial preservatives so you know you are good to go!

My family had a great time exploring some cool samples and now we have some really great ideas for lunch all summer!



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