Parents’ attitudes affect kids with diabetes

Many people believe in the power of positive thinking to help recover from illness or injury, but the saying may beᅠmore trueᅠthan you think for children with diabetes Their parents’ attitudes can strongly impact how well they manage their condition In a study of 100 kids with Type 1 diabetes and their parents, researchers discovered that parents’ attitudes toward treatment and dietary control played a large role in how well the kids managed their insulin levels, according to The research team broke the parents’ attitudes down into three categories: authoritative, permissive, and authoritarian Authoritative parents set clear limits for their child without being coercive, whereas permissive parents did not tend to set limits for their child and authoritarian parents used coercion or anger to control their child’s behavior The study found that the authoritative attitude worked much better than either of the other methods to encourage kids and teens to maintain control of insulin levels This was especially true among fathers On the other side of the spectrum, a strong sense of helplessness among mothers led to lower glycemic control The full report can be found at the