Dr. Sears PastaRx

I absolutely LOVE pasta; I mean who doesn’t?  I truly wish it loved my waistline as much!  I am pleased to share a product with you that fell into my lap this weekend; Pasta Rx from Dr. Sears Zone Labs.  This is actually in my opinion “magic pasta”.  Pretty much looks and tastes just like your favorite brand, all while actually suppressing your appetite.  This meal actually will improve fat loss, give you energy, and improve muscle mass.  Bottom line, it stops your stomach from doing the molecular damage it usually does when you consume pasta.

I never, ever thought it would taste good; but it DOES!  You can easily replace your traditional pasta/rice choices with these and never look back again!  Zone Labs also offers other great consumable items!  Oh; and the recipes are divine!  http://www.zonediet.com/resources/recipe-category/pasta/


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