Perfect For Your Holiday Cocktails!

Holidays bring cocktails and boy do I have something awesome for you this year!  You can try something totally yummy and totally different this year and grab some great simple syrups from ROOT 23.  These are all natural, small batch syrups sure to make any drink super special whether it be alcoholic or not!  This past weekend we checked out “Pear Rosemary” and “Cherry Almond”.  I adored the pear and the hubby adored the other.  Cherry Almond paired well with bourbon so that made the hubby happy. Pear Rosemary was fantastic with Prosecco (my fave) so I was in heaven.  You must check out the company’s website for recipes galore! ( 

These will cost you around $14 so you aren’t breaking the bank to go different at your next gathering.  Side note: think outside the box you can bake with these syrups as well!  Happy Hunting!

Here is their recipe of the month!

My personal fave so far…prosecco meets pear rosemary meets a rosemary sprig!