Petal Fresh Pure Hand & Body Lotion

At night I put these fantastic kids of mine to bed and then try to get myself together; whether it be a shower, or lotion; something to make myself feel like a human being.  I love to soften my tired skin with a great body lotion.  I go heavy and let it seep into my skin all night.  Petal Fresh is all natural products; these contain organic herbs, no harsh chemicals and are never tested on animals.  I have been trying out the Softening Hand & Body Lotion (in Rose & Honeysuckle) and I must say I am adoring the quality.  This wonder cream is toning, hydrating, firming and moisturizing all in one shot.  This lotion is super affordable; actually under $8 on their website!! Next up I need to check out their other great products (shower/bath gel, shampoos, conditioners, body butters, oils, hair care and more).  I honestly want to try one of each category right now!  Super luxurious line!  Check them out and pamper yourself!  You will NOT be able to buy just one item!