Philo (Television Streaming)

I love me a new way to stream and binge watch my favorite shows and Philo is absolutely spoiling me.  The app is super simple easy to download – enter your mobile phone number / email address and the account set up is a breeze.  For literally $16.00 per month you have access to 35 of the best channels including A&E, AMC, BBC, Discovery, Food Network, Lifetime, Nick, TV Land and more.  For an additional $4.00 you can even add 9 additional channels to the mix.

You can use Philo on up to three devices at once (thankfully no more fighting in this house).  There is a great 30 day DVR feature and of course a huge on demand library.  A cool feature we tried today was “syncing with our friends”.  Watch your favorite shows with them at the same time with no spoiler worries.  My smart tv runs with ROKU which you can use along with Philo and it works with all the popular browsers like Firefox, chrome etc.

Philo is a streaming MUST!

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