Phone Phever

Since my kids are obsessed with phones and tablets (and I can’t say the apple falls very far from the tree), I just know that this holiday season they are going to LOVE their new game: Phone Phever.  This is quite literally smartphone meets board game and I had so much fun trying it out last night.  Pretty much you are all racing to answer trivia questions and complete challenges in all sorts of categories: music, movies, TV, history, technology, politics, law and more.  I totally recommend playing in teams; this is how we played and literally everyone was laughing from beginning to end.  If you are a fast paced “thumb-texter” you can race to the store first to win the game!  I also want to mention that we had ages ranging 12-65 playing the game and no matter whose turn it was everyone was having a blast.  I haven’t seen many games these days cater to such a broad range of ages.  You can totally use a tablet if you don’t have a phone.  This was the first time in a long time “no one was in trouble for using their phone/tablet too much”.  Check this game out available on amazon: