Poli Sippy Cups

All these new baby bottles and cups seem to come with 100 parts and while I adore that we are being careful to make sure our little ones have a safe drink with no air bubbles, the cleaning process has become ridiculous.  Finally, someone has frustrated as I was does it right: Poli brings us a wonderful easy to clean and no parts to lose sippy cup.  They each are brightly colored and feature our favorite nursery rhymes (designs drawn completely by the owner!).  The valve is literally built-in and the parts come apart super easy to make sure you clean the cup correctly (no more nasty lingering bacteria in cup crevices).  These cups are all BPA and phthalate free so we know they are safe for our children.  Oh and they are totally spill proof and actually fit in my car’s cup holders (someone finally listened to my inner thoughts).  http://usapoli.com/

poli sippy cup

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