Pop Cap For The Win!

Whether this is a good or bad thing, this quarantine has brought on drinking wine and spirits pretty much any day of the week.  Anything goes now!  We are always on the hunt for a new bar accessory and Cork Pops has brought me this awesome new pop cap that i am wondering how I ever lived without.  This is a really easy to use bottle opener for beer, soda or basically any bottle with a cap.

It really couldn’t be easier to use.  All you need to do is place the cap on the bottle, push down and pop it off.  The design is super sleek and stainless steel so you can toss out those ugly plastic bottle openers and add this to your kitchen decor.  It has this super cool magnet feature inside that holds the cap in place until you need it later.  So no more “after party” searches on the floor for caps and tops; you just grab it out of the pop cap and there you go.  This is a great price point as well (around $19.00) making it a great gift to bring with you to your next party, outdoor distancing mission with friends or summer barbecue.  I would say if you are grabbing one now, grab a few for gifts for the holidays, stocking stuffers as well!

Check this great company out; they also have other really great bar accessory options as well!