Pornaments Review

Pornaments, yup you read that title correctly.  I guess I now have your attention.  Pornaments is this naughty little website that offers creative and sexy ornaments that show Mr. Claus in a very different light.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the box and found myself staring at two crazy funny options; Ready Teddy ($19.99 the Dominatrix Bear) and Chim Chim Charlie ($19.99 the hunky intern from the North Pole).  There are so many great options “Submissive Santa,” “Deck the Balls” (care to take a guess what shape this one is LOL), or even “Christmas Dickle” (the pickle; I can’t deal).

So many great options; these all run from about $15-$25 and are all hand-painted glass.  Like the traditional ornaments from your childhood only slightly more “MERRY.”  You have to have a good sense of humor and you will be cracking up as I did.  Think secret Santa gift exchanges, a gag gift for a close friend, and so much more!  It will for sure be the talk of whatever small holiday gathering you are attending this year.

The website offers a wide range of ornaments, all with their own unique and humorous twist on traditional holiday symbols. From the dominatrix bear to the hunky intern from the North Pole, there is something for everyone with a good sense of humor.