Pot-growing parents raise healthy kids

It may come as a surprise to many, but the children of parents who grow marijuana are healthy, well-adjusted, and largely drug-free As a result, the Motherisk Program at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children recommends that the automatic seizure of children from marijuana-growing homes may do more harm to the children than good The major difference between homes that produce marijuana and homes that produce other drugs, like methamphetamine, is what the kids are exposed toラmarijuana plants that are growing are largely innocuous, whereas meth and other compound drugs involve dangerous chemicals like ammonia that even kids who tested positive for exposure to drugsラabout one third of the kids testedラwere healthier than the regular population “After examining 75 of the kids over several years, we came to very clear conclusions that a vast majority of these kids are doing well,” Motherisk Program director Gideon Koren said, as reported by “Well fed, well kept, doing well in school and developing well” “Taking a small child from his or her parents in a well-adapted environment causes fear, anxiety, confusion and sadness – everything that comes from separation,” Koren said, as reported on the Motherisk website “Safety issues may require the child to be removed from the physical location of drug production and the child may also need to be seized from the parents for legal reasons However, there is no medical justification to automatically separate them from their parents” Koren is Professor of Paediatrics, Pharmacology, Pharmacy and Medical Genetics at the University of Toronto