Things Your Wife Wants for Mother’s Day Because She’d Never Buy Herself

Three Products Your Wife Wants for Mother’s Day …but won’t buy for herself. Okay, maybe she didn’t specifically ask for any of these, but I’m telling you, your wife will not be sad about any of these three choices.  These are things that she might or might not need, but she will want.

How often does Mom buy what she wants?



barner glasses

Smartish has a collection of phone cases and accessories that are truly adorable.   Those cases are light but decorative. You’ll see the flower one with the slot for the credit card. But they have one that not only works as as a wallet but that chain you see is perfect to make it the “Dancing Queen” to throw around your neck and save you lugging the pocket book.

The pink triangle is a manget which helps organize all of your cords to keep the desk both organized as well as nicely coordinated.








Barner Glasses

Believe it or not, I was very specific about this photo. I put it in front of my favorite planter and really wanted the photo look as good as I could. Why? Look at these glasses! They’re gorgeous. I look gorgeous in them and that’s all that matters!

Do I care that they protect you from Blue Light and Blue Light is bad?

Sure, but I look great!

Are they a good price?

Yes, and did I mention I look great! 🙂






Buy it on Amazon

This must be one of the softest and most comfortable blankets that I’ve had.  They are soft and wonderful, but even better, they have two pockets for your little feetsies so that you’re super comfortable and super happy.

Plus right now on Amazon, they’re on sale with a coupon so it’s a hell of a deal!
















Chene Bleu

Chêne Bleu, a winery situated on an ancient site and makes wine that is definitely a step above your average wine you buy in the discount aisle.

The grapes are hand picked in a vineyard that’s basically a gazillion year olds and hand crafted.

They come in limited edition boxes but as you can see in this photo, it’s a gorgeous bottle with a gorgeous taste. Bold, strong, and chocolatey.  This is the kind of wine you give her on Mother’s Day and celebrate on that special day.  













These are stylish and will make your Apple watch look so much nicer. Now they might look like leather, but they’re not. These Apple watch bands are made with actual apple skin. Yes, apples that you eat are now a leather.

Would I normally spend this much on watch straps? No, but I definitely think your wife would want one.











Zulay Kitchen

Zulay Kitchen makes kitchen gadgets that are crazy high quality. What you see here is a frother and a knife sharpener.  If you’re going to get a knife sharpener, you might as well get one you’ll want to keep for a while.

Like this frother, I’ve seen quite a few but this comes with a stand and it just screams quality.













Paella KitPaella Kit from Telerific Barcelona

Can we be real? There is NO chance that I’ll be gathering the ingredients to make Paella.

That said, I am basically addicted to Paella because Momma loves me Sangria. Maybe I feel the only excuse to drink Sangria is to eat Paella but that’s a different issue.

Here’s their paella kit which serves four.  Why is this amazing? Well I have to do basically the bare minimal to make paella.

Of course they couldn’t include mussels and such but I’m really just amazing towards that excuse for Sangria so this is fine.

It’s all going to be okay.








We all need to charge my phone but you’ll find most times I just will by the dollar store version of a lighting cord. Well here’s a wireless charger that looks good enough to stick in your formal living room. The Wireless Charging Pad from PhunkeeTree has gorgeous Crystal and Marble versions so they can really match any decore.









Scandinavian BioLabs

When we got this in, I loved it. I really wanted to find something that was hair strengthening but not harsh and full of crazy chemicals. Nothing here is toxic and it’s really researched well to prove to be quite a powerhouse. In the past, I found that sometimes the products were just itchy and crazy and frankly toxic feeling.

This has now become part of my regular routine.









Enther Shredded Memory Form Pillow

Momma needs to sleep. These kids are driving me nuts. Who doesn’t want a memory foam pillow.

Enther has a great quality memory pillow that really feels awesome. But that said, it’s even better because it’s on sale right now! This is like happiness and a reasonable price for Mother’s Day.

Plus it’s Amazon so you have the free returns. Try it, if you don’t like it, then you can return it.

But I loved it, so you’ll love it!