Puro Sound Lab Headphones

Who’s kid isn’t wearing headphones 24/7?!? While it’s great to not have to hear their music and cartoons, I worry that they are damaging their little ears.  Puro Sound Lab brings us the BT2200 Studio Grade Children’s Bluetooth Headphones and I feel so good about what their heads are wearing!  Here is what we found cool about the product:

  1.  The have a maximum volume of 85db which is the recommended safe listening level.
  2. They block out 82% of outside noise.
  3. Amazing audio quality with their patent-pending “Puro Balanced Response Curve”.

This means we basically have awesome sound at a safe level!  They are wireless (Bluetooth) and run for 18 hours.  I mean, these babies are road trip ready! Both kids say they are super comfortable!   A great gift for the holidays priced at $99.99!  We simply adore them!  https://purosound.com/products/kids-wireless-headphones-w-hard-case?variant=11643553089.