What to Look For in a Quality Travel Cup, Water Bottle, and Tumbler

I have more cups, mugs, and glasses than I could possibly know what to do with. And, yet, I find myself acquiring more. The main culprit to my gain is the infamous travel cup. Since I have recently obtained three new pieces of drinkware (a travel cup, water bottle, and tumbler) from Tempercraft, I will share them and their perks with you.

Tempercraft travel cup, water bottle, and tumbler

 Travel Cup, Mug, Tumbler – I Need Something for My Coffee

Speaking of perks, I love an excellent cup of hot coffee in the morning. I never have time to enjoy it fresh from the pot, though. There’s too much to do to get out of the door and off to work. The coffee cools and so does my enthusiasm. And I need that to make it through the day. My choices are limited. I can waste time heating it up or find a cup that will keep it at that perfect temperature so I can enjoy every sip over the next three hours. If that’s your number one goal in a travel cup, then Tempercraft’s 20 oz tumbler will suffice. When I tried it, it kept my coffee at an enjoyable temp for at least three hours. It stayed warm for more than that, I just like it really hot. 

Tempercraft 20 oz travel tumbler, aqua

All of Tempercraft’s cups are designed to maintain the temperature of the drink you put into it for hours. They keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. They also come in a beautiful array of colors. I got the 20 oz tumbler in aqua, the 22 0z bottle in metallic rose gold, and the wine tumbler in black.

However, aesthetics are not my second goal in finding a good cup. I look at the lid. How does it close? How can it be washed?

In addition to my love of hot coffee, I have a fear of mold and mildew. The sliding lid is notorious for saving bits of delicious coffee and allowing it to mold. You might not know it for months. Yuck! So, as effective as sliding lids are, I won’t buy one if it isn’t possible to disassemble it and wash it thoroughly. As you can see, the slides on these tumblers easily pop right out of the lid for cleaning and pop back in just as easily.


Wine Tumbler

Tempercraft wine tumbler

The Tempercraft wine tumbler is ergonomically designed for a relaxed hold. It’s perfect for a lazy day by the pool or a relaxing evening on the deck. The shape’s popularity across brands says enough. So, what’s different about this one?

I’m particularly fond of this lid. It has a lip that makes it easy to remove along with a good seal so it doesn’t fall out. And my favorite feature is the twisting slide. It keeps the bugs out, and best of all, it is removable for thorough cleaning.

Also, if you look closely at how the twisting slide covers the opening, it appears to be designed to prevent spills. 

I have a tendency to take things as a challenge. So I decided that if there is a lid designed to stop spills, then I better test it out. When I knocked the cup over with the lid snuggly in place, it did not immediately create a spill. However, it didn’t take long for liquid to ease out from under the slide either. My conclusion is that the lid did significantly decrease the amount of spill I would need to clean up and is therefore worth using, even inside.

Sports Water Bottle

Tempercraft travel cup, water bottle

I don’t think people always save the best for last, but of the three cups I tried, the Tempercraft 22 oz sports water bottle is by far my favorite. I love to hike, but I live in the southeastern part of the U.S. In the summer, water gets hot, fast. This cup not only kept my ice water cold, it still had ice in it several hours later.

After that, I took it to work with me. I purposely left it overnight, and the bottle still had ice in it the next day!

Other features I like about this water bottle include its shape and lid design. The slim shape makes it easy to fit into the side pouches of my day pack. It’s also a good fit for a bike sports bottle holder. Finally, I’m a rather small woman, and the slim design makes it easy to hold one-handed.

The lid design on this water bottle includes a screw-top lid with a seal like you would see on a thermos. The mouthpiece is covered by a smaller screw top. However, this top does not actually come off. It simply loosens so that you can lift it up. This keeps the entire cover in one solid piece. In addition, the mouthpiece is wide enough to drink comfortably from and does not include a plastic tube. That’s one less thing to clean. Yay! To top it off, it has a wide hard plastic loop that can be easily hooked to your backpack with a carabiner.


The Final Word on My New Travel Cup, Water Bottle, and Tumbler

Tempercraft wine tumbler, cup

I enjoyed using all three cups. I would recommend them to others based on the points I’ve shared here. Compared to other travel mugs or cups I’ve found, I would not purchase the 20 oz tumbler for myself. I don’t have anything against it, it just isn’t my preference for a travel cup. My mom, on the other hand, loves it.

Truth be told, I don’t have much interest in owning a wine tumbler. I do like to give them as gifts, though. Multiple solid color options make an excellent canvas for personalization. And, I have to say again, I really like the lid.

Finally, I absolutely love the sports water bottle. Hands down, this is my favorite out of every travel cup, water bottle, or tumbler I’ve ever used. I highly recommend it and plan on purchasing a few for my hiking companions.