Real Milk Paint

Home improvements are tough enough without having to worry about the toxins in the products we use and how it can/will affect our children.  I am thrilled to be handed a sample of Real Milk Paint which I used to beautify the walls in my den.  This is completely non-toxic paint with ZERO odor.  This is kid-safe and water-based so even if the kids “help out” or even “use a little for a project” there is no worry at all about staining and any harm at all.  It almost seems to good to be true; but I tried it and it is pretty awesome.  While I went with an off-white “cheesecake” color, you can choose one of 55 options and really make your room’s pop.  I basically added water to the powder in the can and shook the can a few times to ensure it was totally dissolved.  These area available in gallons, quarts, pints and samples and range in price.  For more info please visit:

I adore a fresh, new product and will better my living and this certainly does just that.  Love love love this product! 

real milk paint