Red Toolbox Toys review – Pretend play for all kids

Children learn through play, and they love copying the adults around them in day-to-day activities. As a parent, I want to stimulate this as much as possible. My kids will learn important life skills and be autonomous a lot quicker by using toys that mimick real life as close as possible. That is why Red Toolbox toys are so awesome! They have two brands: Tasty Jr. and Stanley Jr.

Tasty Jr. Pretend Kitchen Toys

image of Tasty Jr pretend kitchen toys from Red Toolbox Toys

Tasty Jr. has some of the best pretend kitchen toys out there! The coffee maker can actually be charged with a little cup, it will make realistic coffee-making sounds and you can then discharge the cup just like a real coffee maker. The toaster has a little timer and will pop the toast. The mixer will turn and make a noise. We adore how sturdy these toys are made. The bright colors attract the attention of the little ones, and they love playing with them. I cannot tell you how many pretend cookies, soups, and toasts I have had the pleasure to “eat” since we got this set!

The sounds the toys make are not too loud, so it does not annoy the adults around at all. The batteries are easy to replace. And I can vouch for the sturdiness of these toys (lots of falling has been successfully survived already). I must say that I had to replace the batteries quite regularly, but even when the batteries ran out, our kids continued to play with them without bother, so no problem there!

In the picture, you see the Mini Chef Playset 4 in 1 for $64.99 and the Coffee Maker Set for $27.99. Red Toolbox also has a Donut Shop, a Kettle Set, a Microwave Set, and a Mini Chef 16-piece Playset. We will surely get these for a coming birthday to expand their kitchen toys!

Of course, the Tasty Jr. toys are also available through Amazon.

Stanley Jr. Birdhouse Kit

image of Stanley Jr Birdhouse Kit from Red Toolbox Toys

Stanley Jr. has a very wide range of pretend building toys and real building kits. We tried the Birdhouse Kit.

I have tested plenty of ready-to-build kits for kids before and was always a bit disappointed. But not with this Stanley Jr. kit! The materials were high quality, everything actually fit and the holes were in the correct place! The manual was easy to follow and every step was clear enough for our 4-year-old to do without our help! The birdhouse has been hanging outside for some time now, and I must say it is toughing it out pretty nicely! The construction is sturdy and the final product looks beautiful.

If your child is interested in crafts, and you would like to teach him some basic DIY skills, I highly recommend the kits of Stanley Jr.!

You can get Red Toolbox toys straight from their website, or through Amazon.


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