BudClub Review


Okay, so the box I received to try out this week was truly interesting and intriguing.  I mean who knew you could grow “buds” at home and it is allowed?!? BudClub – this is foolproof home growing like never before.

Your kit comes with everything you need to grow big, beautiful buds.  The kits are 100 percent guaranteed, legal in all states, arrive discreetly, and come with bonus seeds and tutorials to help you along your way.
Here is what we received:

Home Grow Kit With Seeds ($39.99):  This is a 3-gallon home grow kit.  You get the grow bag, a few different types of seeds, the BudBooster, BudShield insect traps, humidity control cups, ties to help with the growth/yield, gloves, PH test strips, and of course the E-Guide to help you out.

The plants need water every couple of days, need about 4 hours of sunlight a day, and will grow to about 2-4 feet in height.  Really super cool to watch your seeds actually grow into a mature, legal cannabis plant.  All in all, the process takes about 12 weeks in total.  I literally cannot wait to see the growth success!  I typically am not super into gardening/planting but I’ll be honest – this product grabbed my attention!

Check out this cool video below that explains the process.  Check it out for yourself!