Root Beer Whisky?!? Sure…why not!

I would love to say I am the kind of mom who sat with her feet up yesterday, in a pink fluffy robe sipping a mimosa. I am simply not. My day was more like this: kids sporting event in the rain, crowded brunch, grocery shopping, and back home to do laundry and prepare for the work/school week to come. I don’t much care about being pampered for the day. If I “skip” mommy chores on Sunday, to me that means double the work Monday.

But by 3 PM I decided to have a cocktail or two. I mean, it was my day after all. I’m not a girly drink kind of girl. Sometimes a whiskey is simply my jam. This time around, I tried out Root Out;; a yummy Canadian blended root beer flavored whiskey. This is a pure treasure and is aged for four years in American bourbon barrels. I had a nice pour on the rocks, but you can for sure enjoy it as a shot or in a cocktail. Who likes a traditional root beer float? See where I am going with this?! How about a few ounces of Root Out, some vanilla vodka, some rum cream, and whipped topping! How about a Root Mule! (Root Out, lime juice, bitters, ginger beer). There are many more recipes and ideas on their website. The taste is like no other – super smooth with hints of vanilla. It has a warmth that I can describe as my own warm fuzzy mommy bathrobe without the frumpy look!

The bottle will run you around $26.00 and can also be found at high-end restaurants, bars, and stores. Will I share this with the husband around Father’s Day? Probably not; there are some things that are just for the mommas. But, if you’re feeling generous, why not pick up a bottle for your mom or your mother-in-law for Mother’s Day? It’s always great to show the moms in your life how much you appreciate them, and a nice bottle of whiskey never hurt anyone!

Not only is Root Out a great treat for yourself, but it can also be a fun addition to any gathering or party. It’s a great conversation starter and can add a unique twist to any drink. So, why not head to the store and pick up a bottle today? Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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