Root Beer Whisky?!? Sure…why not!

I would love to say I am the kind of mom who sat with her feet up yesterday, in a pink fluffy robe sipping a mimosa.  I am simply not.  My day was more like this: kids sporting event in the rain, crowded brunch and back home to do laundry and prepare for the work/school week to come.  I don’t much care about being pampered for the day.  If I “skip” mommy chores on Sunday, to me that means double the work Monday.

By 3 PM I decided to have a cocktail or two.  I was my day after all.  I’m so not a girly drink girl.  Sometimes a whisky is simply my jam.  This time around, I tried out Root Out; a yummy Canadian blended root beer flavored whisky.  This is a pure treasure and is aged for four years in American bourbon barrels.  I had a nice pour on the rocks but you can for sure enjoy as a shot or in a cocktail.  Who likes a traditional root beer float….see where I am going with this?!?  How about a few ounces of root out, some vanilla vodka, some rum cream and whipped topping!  How about a Root Mule! (root out, lime juice, bitters, ginger beer).  There are many more recipes and ideas my friends.  The taste is like no other so super smooth with hints of vanilla.  It has a warmth that I can describe as my own warm fuzzy mommy bathrobe without the frumpy look!

The bottle will run you around $26.00 – you can also find it at high end restaurants, bars and stores.  Will I share this with the husband around Father’s Day you ask?  Probably not; there are some things that are just for the mommas.

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