Sabatier Edgekeeper Knives

I love a good gadget; I also adore a product that truly works while also performing an additional function.  The hubby loves a new kitchen knife and this week I handed him a shiny new Edgekeeper from Sabatier that literally SHARPENS WITH EACH USE!  No way right?!?  We have both the 4 1/2″ and 8″utility knives that are absolutely perfect for dicing fruits and vegetables and preparing cheeses and meats.  The blades are wonderful quality stainless steel and really strong.  The handle is really comfortable and easy to hold.  (Did I mention I am sooooo not a chef and need things nice and easy for me)!  Within the cover lies a mechanism that sharpens the blade before use so basically it’s sharp and ready to go every darn time!  I actually feel like I am using a new knife fresh out of the package each time I do food prep.  Please run and grab one of these; they are under $20 and so so needed for your collection!  Grab some up!