Salt of the Earth Bakery

Salt of the Earth Bakery is an artisanal bakery based in Brooklyn that produces cookies using only natural ingredients and no artificial additives. To make it even better, they use high-end quality ingredients that you don’t normally see in baked goods.


For example, in this shot, you will see a mix of their cookies as well as brownies.  The brownies for example have Hawaiian Kona sea salt. Each of their products has something unique that I have not seen before.


Without artificial ingredients, I feel the need to consume them as rapidly as humanely possible. I will be the one to suffer and eat as many of the cookies and brownies as I can. To make the message very clear, for the sake of this story, you will find that I plowed through two cookies within the first hour. It was a painful process but I’ve got through it for you. I can say that these by far were some of the moistest and most decadent of cookies that I’ve ever had.


If you’re in the mood for the most homemade version of Artisanal cookies shipped right to your house, please send me a box of these because I am now addicted. Yes, notice I said do not order them from yourself because I simply want more.