Sensitive Home- products for sensitive people

Want a cleaner, detergent, or soap with a mild or no smell that works just as well?

I love this product.  It doesn’t have that overbearing cleaner smell.   I tried the free and clear dish soap, all purpose cleaner and laundry detergent.   The free and clear products are  scent free.  Some products do have a lemon zest or grapefruit scent if desired.   Our family prefers scent free due to the various allergies we have.

Sensitive Home products are 100% plant-based spray cleaning formulations and 96+% plant-based detergents.

The products are safe for pets.  We also have children and our family doesn’t want to use cleaners with chemicals.   Especially since the kids help clean.  I feel better knowing they are using a product that won’t make them sick.

It is also great for people that are sensitive to harsh cleaning products, smells, and chemicals.   I prefer safer products when available.

I didn’t feel like the products were made with harsh chemicals.   Great cleaning set for anyone.

All of the  products are manufactured in the USA.