Sexual dysfunction can lead to infidelity

According to researchers at the University of Guelph, men who are anxious about their sexual performance are more likely to cheat on their partners Researchers studied 506 men and 412 women who were in monogamous relationships of varying lengthsᅠTwenty-three percent of the men committed infidelities comparedᅠto 19 percent of women Men were more likely to cheat if they were aroused easily or had anxiety about their sexual prowessᅠWomen are three times as likely to cheat if they feel their partners are not a sexual match “People might seek out high-risk situations to help them become aroused, or they might choose to have sex with a partner outside of their regular relationship because they feel they have an ‘out’ if the encounter doesn’t go well,” said Robin Milhausen, an author on the study, to theᅠ The study is the first of its kind to analyze demographic and personal characteristics in relation to faithfulness Researchers found that certain character traits are more indicative than religion or education “The caveat is that there are a lot of variants and factors that are not explained here that might impact whether someone cheats,” said Milhausen to theᅠ